helena rocha
We have a multidisciplinary team for the construction of all types of projects.


The architect Helena Rocha designs all the architectural and interior design projects of her office, offering the client confidentiality and interpretation of their needs, so that the project with the visual identity and personality desired for both their home and their business is attained.

When a house is built, or a boat, interior design is greatly influential and has great importance on the final result. Therefore, contracting an architectural and interior design project with an architect who also designs the interior, is much more efficient, because the project is created as a whole, saving time or possible demolitions to adapt the interior design.

The project must identify each person and brand, the most pleasing objective that our office delivers is in the final results due to our interpretation of the client’s desires and requirements.

We use the most advanced programs of architecture and interior design, the BIM system, to present the projects in 3 dimensions from the beginning, to offer a real view of the suggested proposal.

The main office is in Marbella, which in Spain is the area with the highest quality items and demand for interior design and construction to develop and build exclusive projects. In Seville and in the south of Extremadura the architect is constantly designing and directing works.

For clients who need remote projects, the architect already has years of experience and so continues to have her office in Florianopolis, Brazil.

The architectural projects and interior designs are all presented in 3 dimensions using the latest 3D technology, the BIM system, which facilitates the understanding of the project and savings in time and the purchase of materials.

The projects are always elaborate and presented by the architect Helena Rocha herself, offering a personal service and the reliability of her privacy that a project needs to be perfectly crafted.

In the construction management, all items are chosen for the end result ensuring the visual identity and desired comfort.

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