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Architect Helena Rocha’s Interior Design Marbella work delivers incredible results within the stipulated timeframe and the best materials.


There is a misconception that the decoration, lighting and layout of an interior space are unimportant. In reality, having a space where you feel comfortable, calm and serene is fundamental and that is what we at Helena Rocha specialise in achieving.

We are made up of a professional team specialised in Marbella interior design, capable of creating the atmosphere you have always dreamed of having at home. That atmosphere that provides an ideal refuge after a hard day’s work.

At Helena Rocha, we know how to achieve the harmony of spaces, playing with artificial light and natural light, as well as with textures and tones to generate a real sense of wellbeing in that particular space in your home.

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It is remarkable what we can achieve with Marbella interiors and interior design through lighting when it comes to creating an atmosphere of serenity and tranquillity. As long-established interior design specialists we know that having the right lamps and taking advantage of natural light can completely change a room.

At Helena Rocha, we know the value and importance of the textures and tones present in a room. We know that, if they are not combined in the right way, these elements can create sensations that are totally opposite to what you want to achieve.

That is why our team works with complete awareness that textures, colours and tones are priority factors in an interior design project to generate the atmosphere you are looking for in that specific place in your home or in the whole house.



For marbella interior design projects everything starts in a simple way: you have to tell us what you want as an interior design project, i.e. What you would like to achieve.

The next step will be to draw up a sketch of your general ideas and our first suggestions of what the project should be. From this first sketch we will make a 3D presentation that will allow you to have a well established idea of what the final result will be with all its elements including the furniture.

In this way, helena rocha will optimise the space with the best choice of materials, colours and lighting, ensuring that it meets the functions that you have in mind.

To achieve this goal we will also base our work on the orientation, limits and location of the space you wish to transform. Everything is done within the established budget, and with the aesthetic sensitivity and technical knowledge that guarantee high quality work.

The progress of your interior design project

What comes next is what we are most excited about: once you approve our interior design project, we start making it a reality in the shortest possible time so that you can enjoy it as soon as possible.

You can be assured that our team of professionals and Helena Rocha herself will supervise every detail of the project and ensure that everything is carried out to plan. The aim is for you to be completely satisfied.

You will be able to observe and enjoy the progress of the interior design project and you will see how each additional touch in decoration, lighting, tones and textures is a step towards excellence.

Our experience enables us to harmonise various elements to achieve the balance you desire. That is why helena rocha’s team works with enormous dedication with the aim of always delivering excellent results.

marbella interior designer
interior design marbella
interior designer marbella
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Helena rocha’s professional team has the experience to create great atmospheres in the residential area as well as in the business area, the hostelry industry or the marine sector with naval interior design.

Our professional background is very solid and is backed up by a large number of successful and highly lauded interior design projects over the years.

Contact us to receive detailed information to help you realise the interior design project you have always dreamed of.

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