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Finding an expert in Interior Boat Design Marbella can be a dreadful task, however with Helena Rocha you will achieve excellent results.


In interior design there are some fundamental aspects to consider, such as light exposition and its affection to the ambient aesthetic. We take both natural and artificial light to consideration, as the elements should be placed in such a way they contribute to the overall harmony of the environment.

Another aspect to keep in mind are textures and tones. It’s a fundamental fact when organising and creating the boat’s environment. A correct combination of these two elements allow us to create an unique and balanced atmosphere.

Thanks to Helena Rocha you can customise all types of boats: from yachts and sailing boats to catamarans and more.

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The process of interior boat designing in Marbella follows a route of specific steps to assure the best possible result.


The interior boat design Marbella starts with a situation analysis. During this step, we visualise the environments we are about to decorate, so we can plan possible styles. If you already have your own ideas, it’s important that you share them with our team in this step, so the designers can base their work on your tastes and preferences.

Once this step is completed, we start the outlining of the project, including a two or three dimensional presentation so you can start visualising the final design of the environment.


After having developed an outline and clarified the budget, we will get started on developing possible designs and specific ideas for the interior of your boat.

On this step we clarify the atmosphere you would like to imitate in your space, the colour palette, textures and patterns of each room. In addition, we will establish a clear and detailed explanation of the changes that are going to be done in each section and which furniture is going to be used.

With the previous steps completed, the only thing left to do would be to clarify brands, models and other specific characteristics for your Interior boat design in Marbella.


In case you have accepted the defined plan, now it’s time to implement it. In this manner, you will be able to fully enjoy your boat as soon as possible.

At this time of the project, you don’t have to worry about anything, as the logistics part and the supervision of the project will be controlled personally by Helena Rocha and her interior design team. In this way we guarantee consistent results and the achievement of each characteristic defined in previous points.

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The importance of interior boat design Marbella

Interior design is more than important nowadays. Interior designers are experts in creating new spaces, better efficiency and functionality, give them a stronger character and better the experience of those who frequent them. It’s an activity focused on transforming people’s lives.

It’s important to know that interior design doesn’t only focus on embellishing a space, it also adds the required dose of functionality to it.That’s why it’s one of the key aspects in this discipline. In addition, a design done by a professional is easier to maintain and improve. Each object is placed so it doesn’t interfere with the rest, reducing in a great manner the number of accidents that could happen.

Trusting the interior design of your boat to professionals is, without a doubt, one of the best options to design your boat with a personal style and personality. Especially then when you live in Marbella, where luxurious lifestyles and leisure ports are the essence of the city. Helena Rocha will make sure to capture your essence, to make your boat stand out with a beautiful and functional design.

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