Distance Projects

Architecture | Interior Design | Naval Interior Design | Construction management
Since 2016 the architect, Helena Rocha, has developed and directed her projects from Spain, for clients in Brazil.


For close communication, all projects are made in 3 dimensions, as they are easily understood by customers when they are shared by videoconference, during virtual meetings and where we can easily develop their project remotely.

Since today’s projects are all made in a virtual way in 3D, the working methodology is always to see the project on the screen, so the paper printed drawings that were previously used in meetings are no longer necessary. In this way, the meeting via videoconference is the most commonly used method for presenting projects today.


For the Construction Management, I have teams in the places where I work the most, which are Florianopolis, Marbella, Seville and Sur de Extremadura.
All the items that make up the project are determined by the local suppliers, which with globalisation means they sell countless imported items, facilitating the work and visualisation of the material, both for the client and for the architect, even from a distance.

Delivery times are fully respected and scheduled from the outset which is synonymous with transparency and peace of mind.

Helena Rocha can work with you in several languages, such as Portuguese, French, Italian, Spanish and English

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