“When I was 13, I walked the streets of Barcelona and my world changed … I saw an artist on the sidewalk, facing away from the street, sitting on a small wooden chair, drawing something that I did not I knew what it was. I had a very strange and strong feeling at the same time, I stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and looked to where that long-haired man stood and drew inspiration; it seems that my world was in slow motion, I felt every ray of sun beating on my face, the breeze that was passing through the street, and the curves that shaped that house. I thought: I want to do this !!! exactly!!! make shapes !!! ways that sensitize people, make objects and buildings overflow feelings and sensations. It was simply Gaudí, who through the Casa Batlló, clearly showed me the passion of my life, Architecture. ”

I was born in Sant’Ana do Livramento, bordering Uruguay, but my studies ended in Florianópolis, where I have been in my office since 2009. I moved there with the intention of initiating contact with the boats, already with the idea to be naval architect. After my graduation in 2007, I moved to Italy for a year, more precisely in Venice, to study the Master’s Degree in Naval Architecture. In 2016 I started to realize another dream, to return to the place of origin of my desire to be an architect, but now as an architect … so I have an office in Brazil and Spain, but with the methods I use to do projects at a distance , I can work from anywhere, to anywhere.

I can talk whit you in French, Portuguese, English, Spanish and Italian.

I am available to project your architectural dreams.

See you later.

Helena Rocha