Since 2009, the architect Helena Rocha, has worked on architectural projects, interior design, interiors yacht design, theirs constructions and completions. Some of there have been developed at first-hand and others at distance.

Helena is envolved from the very first contact with the client to unsderstand their needs and objectives. In this way the projects are able to reflect the client styles and wishes.

The projects are presented in 3D from the start for a better understanding of the work. This presentation can be done fare to fare or througth video conferencing, if this is more convenient, if the client is in another city or country.

All the projects are developed by Helena from the start until the finish. She colaborates with all the construction teams in order to deliver the completed project with the highest possible quality.

The clients are taken to various shops in order to choose the finishing touches, such as furnishings, lightings, courtains… In this way they became familiar with all the brands and styles that exist and from which they can choose the best design for them.  If the clients are not in the same city as the architect them all of this can be presented with photos and videos. From these the choises can be made.

The stages of the creative developement are calming communicated with numerous meetings and the construction process is programmed from the beginning. This gives a sense of transparency and peace from the start of the work until this conpletion.

The project can also be delivered by passing the “key to your hand” when finished the architect and her team complete the project respecting the clients needs and the keys are handed over at the end. Only a case of opening the door and they are ready to move in.

Helena Rocha can hold the meeting in various languages. Her native Portuguese, but also in French, Italian, Spanish or English.